Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We planted a Sunflower House today

No, I'm not sharing pictures of this yet, it's kinda ugly as my little sunflower sprouts haven't adjusted to their new home yet, and are drooping downward, as if saying "what are we doing HERE?" I picked a bare spot in front of the dollhouse, and as we were planting, I noticed that the spot had a heart shape. No, really! Let's see what transpires. Pictures to come.

I'm just gloating that I beat my farmer-turned-computer-technician husband. His tomato plants are still waiting for the traditional Memorial Day weekend planting. He has a dozen vegetable seed packets ready to go. He does just the right amount of work, ignores weeds (which drives this flower gardener NUTS) and inevitably produces mounds of healthy, glowing vegetables in fall without pesticides. He did this for twenty years in El Salvador without running water, so here, with sprinklers, it's a cakewalk. He was an organic gardener, before it was cool.
Here he is going out back to check his garden for tomatoes. IN OCTOBER!

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