Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Marian Meme

I tagged myself for the Marian Meme, at Margaret Mary's invitation, as I just couldn't resist the chance to share my devotions to Our Lady.
Favorite Marian Image
As difficult as this choice can be, with so many lovely images out there, I'd have to settle on Our Lady of Guadalupe, since this is the image she is is alleged to have 'drawn' herself, with the roses in St. Juan Diego's tilma. The investigations of the symbolism in this image just go on and on, and discover more catechism in this image. Has anyone heard of the alleged miraculous light that is said to have emanated from this image lately?
Favorite Marian Feast I enjoy the Feast of the Annunciation because it is close to my youngest child Christina's birthday, and I can share in the motherhood of Our Lady. The most beautiful celebration of this feast I ever experienced, was when I attended the incardination of the Sisters of Life by Cardinal Egan in St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Favorite Marian Hymn All my life it was either the Schubert or Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria", however since my girls and I have begun singing this version of the Salve Regina(click to listen to the MIDI) at the end of our daily rosary, I have decided that it is my favorite. Have you ever heard a church full of priests sing it? It sends chills down your spine, they seem to be so close to her Immaculate Heart.
Favorite Marian Pilgrimage Site I have only been to one Church-approved site, and that is Knock in Ireland. My grandmother had been healed of sciatica there, a few years earlier, and I wanted to say 'thank you' to our Lady. When I entered the tiny glass-encased chapel of the apparition site, I felt so very close to Our Lady, and Our Lord. It is a very special place.

I love singer Dana's hymn,

Lady of Knock

Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland,

All my cares and troubles cease,

As I kneel with love before you,

Lady of Knock, my Queen of Peace.

Favorite Devotion to Our Lady I would have to say the Rosary, which we have included in our daily prayers, because of Our Lady's request at Fatima. I have found the Rosary to be an invaluable companion when the pain is so great that there are no other words but these, and it always brings me into contemplation of the sacred mysteries, no matter how distracted I am when I begin. I tag anyone who feels called to share about their favorite Marian devotions.


Simple Faith and Life said...

Enjoyed this, Leticia! Thank you for sharing. MM

Anonymous said...

i would like to visit Knock...

Anne (aussieannie) said...

I can relate to the 'loves' in your posting, it was a pleasure to read!