Sunday, May 6, 2007

Suffer from Self-Pity Attacks?

Here's a cure from a 1935 Home Economics book. It hit me right between the eyes!
"Then there are the people who are always sorry for themselves. They are 'so sensitive.' Their feelings are always being hurt. They are always being misunderstood. All of us can claim we are misunderstood if we want to be so selfish. For fundamentally that's what the matter is with the sensitive person. She has never learned to think of anything except in relation to herself. She needs a new interest, a new piece of work so big that it will take her out of herself. She needs to work so hard that she hasn't time nor energy to brood over slights and wrongs. Most of the time the slights are not intended anyway. People need to think less of themselves and more of the other person."
This quote reminds me of great advice offered by my dad when I was spending Christmas 1986 away from family in London. He told me to "Don't stay home and feel sorry for yourself, get out and help somebody, volunteer serving Christmas dinner to the elderly or the poor." Here's what I did. It was a wonderful Christmas, and no one had a pity-party!
HT Coffee Wife at The Walled Garden


Anonymous said...

What a great post! The more active & involved i am in various projects the happier i am..

God bless

catholicandgop said...

Its so funny that I saw this, I'm suffering from mega self-pity right now.

Leticia said...

That's no accident; you are a prolife Catholic in a country with legal abortion. You've fought abortion for years, and have precious few victories to show for it. That could be a reason for authentic, well-deserved self-pity. But we have to slog on, knowing the Lord will reward us for fighting the good fight, regardless of the results.