Thursday, May 17, 2007

Find the courage within yourself to achieve greatness

Genevieve at Feminine Genius and Melanie at The Wine Dark Sea have both written wonderful comments about an unintentional pro-life article in the New York Times, "My First Lesson in Motherhood".
" It’s tempting to think that our decision was validated by the fact that everything turned out O.K. But for me that’s not the point. Our decision was right because she was our daughter and we loved her. We would not have chosen the burdens we anticipated, and in fact we declared upfront our inability to handle such burdens. But we are stronger than we thought."

Somewhere the grace of God was operating, whether Elizabeth knew it or not, it gave her the strength to bring Natalie home despite the Chinese doctor's dire predictions. The grace of God would help every mother through their childbearing crises, if only they would trust it. The problem is that our culture is so adverse to the idea of suffering, that we rush in to offer abortion, which is just a decision which causes a lifetime of regret. We must offer these women support to find the grace to do what God is calling them to do; be courageous mothers.

Mothers who have faced the challenge of giving birth to and raising a special needs child posses a moral courage, which inspired me when my life posed this challenge, and caused me to write my article in Faith and Family. They inspired Monica Rafie, when her daughter Celine was born, and she began her ministry Be Not Afraid. We are now collaborating on a book of these stories of special mothers, whose moral courage has inspired them to go beyond the culture of death, to hope, to believe and to love in extraordinary ways. Leave your contact information in the comments and we will consider your story for inclusion in this anthology.


Anonymous said...

What an inspiring post!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the link.

What a wonderful ministry.

My sister-in-law was given a misdiagnosis for her first daughter who was born with zero health problems and today is a happy, healthy six-year old girl.

I am so saddened by the thought of all the peers she should have who aren't here for her to play with because their mothers had no place to turn except to those who urged them to kill their children.

What I fear most is that soon insurance companies will refuse any coverage for babies with such diagnoses, that hospitals and doctors will refuse to care for them.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the book.

Sherry said...

Thoughtful and beautiful post. People have no concept of the blessings they cut off when the abort "less than perfect" children. And I have to wonder how many healthy children have been aborted because of a misdiagnosis.