Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Bella" has takent he Catholic World by storm!

Here's a link to the homepage of Celebrate Life magazine, where you can read an interview of the next Catholic hunk we can actually look up to (move over Jim Caviezel, and Mel Gibson!). Here comes Eduardo Verastegui. He's got quite the conversion story.

Oh, and, while you're on the home page, take a look at True Love is Pro-Life an article by that up-and-coming freelance writer, Leticia Velasquez. It will be in the October issue and features some vintage photos of my family.


Nadiyya said...

Your blog is Great!! Still don't know how I can list my favourites, but this is definately one.

Christine said...

My husband kept asking me last night if CL was available online for e-mailing purposes. I kept saying, "No." Thank you for proving me wrong and for all of your help, yesterday. I look forward to reading the freelance writer's article. ;)