Monday, July 2, 2007

Morning Star Camp

Yesterday I drove 10 hours round trip to drop Gabbi and Bella at Morning Star Camp. What could induce a protective homeschooling mother to leave her precious daughters in the wilderness with a hundred strange girls?
Why Morning Star? Fear is such big part of society today. Young people are taught to be cautious for their body and soul, not only among strangers and in public, but even at school and among their own peers. Gone are the happy days of childhood, when summer meant a few months of wholesome fun in the sun. Nowadays, summer vacation activities can be more dangerous than life in the city streets. Making friends indiscriminately can often change an individual for the worse and require facing consequences of serious mistakes. To enhance your values, it is good to surround yourself with peers who have been raised by the same standards of Faith and Morals. By association and example this will have lasting effects on the young.So in order to create such a wholesome summertime experience for Catholic girls across the country, the Sisters, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, offer Morning Star Camp which they have directed for over twenty-five years. And yes, safe surroundings and good example do have a lasting effect on the young: Each year there is an overwhelming response from campers looking to return. When all the laughing and singing, swimming, canoeing, dancing, fun and games have been finished, parents will find their campers sunburnt and happy with new friends among the campers and Sisters. And what is more, they have a better knowledge and love of their Faith and the spirit to be able to stand up against the odds and say, “I am a Catholic…in everything I do.”
The hardest thing, to my surprise, wasn't leaving the girls behind, they were quickly absorbed into camp life, and nearly forgot to say goodbye. The hardest thing was NOT begging the sisters for a tent and staying myself.
Here's a slideshow from Morning Star Camp 2006. I can't wait to hear from the girls on Saturday.


Lynne said...

The camp looks lovely! And it's just an hour west of me.

Anonymous said...

Wow Leticia, this camp is really nice, I'm sending Teresa and Veronica next year. The picture with the sister in habit did it for me. Keep sending us good info for soul and body!