Sunday, July 15, 2007

A tale of two parks; life with mother

Out till midnight at our Friday evening rosary at a dear friends' home, my daughters went to bed exhausted but happy. Early the next morning, I awoke Gabbi and Bella to accompany me to an advance screening for the film, An Arctic Tale (review to follow) in Manhattan. We have to travel 2 hours to get there, and the parking was $40, so it's quite an undertaking. They slept a bit on the way, and were alert enough to be awestruck by the Loew's Lincoln Square Theatre on Broadway with its 1930's Hollywood-style decor; art-deco murals, rich red carpets, and soaring ceilings held up by pineapple-topped columns. We entered the Majestic Theatre and enjoyed the world of the Arctic for two hours.
Afterwards, I had an inspiration, and asked the girls if they wanted to go to the Central Park Zoo and see a real Polar Bear. We trekked through the park, getting lost numerous times, and finally found the diminutive zoo. We were fascinated watching the bear's powerful swimming style, as viewed from underwater.
Fighting three hours of traffic on the way home, we collapsed into bed for a nap at 5, only to hear the phone ring at 6 with my friends' inviting us to join them in the park for the annual New York Philharmonic concert on Long Island. I dragged the poor girls, three of them this time, into the car with our chairs and some provisions, and off we went again for another cultural adventure.
Their lack of enthusiasm was gently overcome by the sheer beauty of Tchaikovsky's "Pathetique" symphony ennobling the treed landscape while we were caressed by the soft summer breezes. Fireworks finished off this amazing day, and this morning, Mom is finally letting the girls sleep in. We'll go to evening mass today, and be thankful Sunday is a day of rest.


Alice Gunther said...

I wish we could have been at that concert!

Anonymous said...

If you're going to be at the Friday night rosary can you bring pictures from your daughter's camping trip? John and Rita Dockswell