Monday, July 9, 2007

A Day in Morning Star Camp by Isabella

Every morning, at 7:15, the bell rings and we get up for morning prayers in our pajamas outside the tent. We pray the Morning Offering, the Guardian Angel Prayer, and then we get dressed for breakfast. Some girls are so cold in the morning, they wear their sleeping bags to prayers!
At breakfast, we say grace, we wait on line for the food, which is toast, eggs, and cereal. A different group cleans up after meals each day. My group is group A, for ages 10 and 11.
After that, we have catechism at a table next to the water's edge. We learn about sacrifices and how to do more every day. We learned the lives of the saints, and how lucky we are to learn the Catholic Faith.
Next, we go to the activity that we chose at sign up. I like line dancing. After that, we do arts and crafts. I made a gift box, a surprise doll, and a tie-dyed pillowcase. Next, we go back to the tent to put on our skirts, and chapel veils (or bandannas) for Holy Mass at the chapel by the lake.
Lunch comes next. We sat grace then we eat sandwiches, salad, and chips.
After lunch, we have a different activity each day, like singing, hand jives or archery, followed by swimming and boating . For boating, we can go out in a sailboat, kayak, or canoe. If you don't want to swim, you play croquet, or do beading. I like beading.
Before dinner, we have an hour of free time. I enjoy going to the concession stand where you can buy holy items, bandannas, camp t-shirts, candy, and toys.We visit the woods where the big girls' tents are. We know a secret path that leads to an island in the lake, where the water is so shallow, you can wade across, but you have to be careful of the water snakes!

Before dinner we pray the rosary at the chapel, and then we go to dinner, (you have to hurry to get a good spot in line). We eat hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken breasts, sloppy Joe's, and salad. We get to choose between different things to eat, so there's always something you like. There's dessert after both lunch and dinner. We have cookies, brownies, and chocolate bars. Yum!

After dinner, we have different activities like ball games, hand jives, or archery. Then, we get in our pajamas, and get ready for campfire by the lake. Every night we sing songs while Sister plays the guitar. Most of the songs are folk songs, like "Frog Went a Courtin'", "Red River Valley", and my favorite, "Paper Pins". Sometimes we would have dance night, where we learne swing dancing, the Virginia Reel, The Electric Slide, and Cotton-Eyed Joe. When it rains we have old-fashioned movies inside. On the last night, we have a candlelight procession around the camp to the campfire for Talent Night, where the girls make up funny skits, do folk dances, and play instruments.

On Saturday, after Mass, our parents come to pick us up, and we take our new friends' phone numbers.
I love Morning Star Camp!
I can't wait to go next year, when the camp might be in the Sister's new camp, we'll sleep in cabins instead of tents and it will last two weeks!


Anonymous said...

Two things are clear to me: she's having a blast, and she has her momma's writing talent!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, and all the nice things are VERY true!