Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blogger Reflection Award

Blogger Reflection Award: this award should make an individual reflect upon five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and who have provided a Godly example. In other words, five dear bloggers whom, when you reflect upon them, you are filled with a sense of pride and joy. . .of knowing them and being blessed by them.

Noelle over at Jaden's Journal has nominated me, and I'm so honored. She always been an inspiration to me. Her blog began as a personal reflection of life raising a son, Jaden, who has Down syndrome. . .
" my blog has morphed into a clearer reflection of my passion for changing the way our prenatal community treats diagnoses given to expecting parents. Amazingly, in just 6 months time, my blog has really brought me closer to so many people who also feel things in the prenatal world need to change! Most of you reading are already well aware that I started a Petition to get the Prenatally & Postnatally Diagnosed Condition Act passed, and already we are at almost 600 signatures! Also, I have been devoting most of my time to speaking with other parents, professionals, doctors, nurses and Senators in trying to see how powerful our voice really can be. I upload videos to Youtube to spread the word, I join all parent lists and groups that are out there on special needs and down syndrome and basically just try and get the message out that we are sick and tired of our babies being so disposable!

Here's her nomination of me for the Relflecting Blogger Award:
Leticia over at Cause of Our Joy is one of the most passionate parents I have met through blogging. She is a huge advocate of changing the prenatal care, just as most of us are, but she takes it further than most of us have a chance to. She has 2 blogs and they are very inspirational. She has offered her help on countless occasions to me, and is there to help any way she can in spreading the word! Her blog is very conscientious and inspiring. She is the mother of 3 beautiful girls! Her time and energy is most definitely altruistically spent! Thank you for all of your support and all that you do Leticia!
Thank you, Noelle, and let's keep the momentum going by calling our senators to support S609, the Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Act. The Capital Switchboard number is (202)224-3121.

Here are my five nominees for the Blogger Reflection Award:
1. Jean M. Heimann at Catholic Fire. Jean not only knows everyone in the Catholic blogosphere, but she is up on all the buzz, I know that when I read her blog will be inspired and informed by her keen insight. She is passionately pro-life, yet perennially optimistic about the birth of a Culture of Life in this world. She is heavenly minded, as you can see in all her holy posts about the saint of the day, yet she is practical, making her one of my all time favorite bloggers and a great blogbuddy.
2. Anita at V for Victory She is a Tertiary Dominican and never lets you forget it, her blog has a marvelous WWII theme, which brings to mind the importance of the war on terror, but also the war for the Culture of Life, which she passionately supports. She has great posts on some of my favorite saints, and comes to my aid in times of distress. Anita took her Confirmation seriously as she is a true soldier of Christ!
3. Monica at Be Not Afraid Though she is a webmaster, not a blogger, her website is just so dynamic, I couldn't resist. Recently featured in Catholic Exchange and interviewed on the Drew Mariani Show, Monica is the mother of three, including little Celine, on whom the doctors had given up hope for survival after birth, due to her heart condition. But Monica and her dh never gave up, and now Celine is a young lady of five. Monica now encourages other parents with poor prenatal diagnoses, and she is a real dynamo who I am proud to call my friend and co-author. We are writing a book on Catholic special needs mothers.
4. Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii has a flair for beauty, she can't help it, she lives in paradise! Reading her blog is like going on retreat, beautiful images, inspiring prayers, and thoughtful commentary lift up your heart and soul to Heaven. She is always charitable, and always Catholic. I treasure our blog friendship, and her work in the blogosphere.
5. Lori from The View from Our Porch Swing. She will be surprised at this, since she doesn't know me, but after one visit to her blog, you feel like part of her wonderful family of 12, which includes a lovely young lady with Down syndrome. She doesn't preach Catholicism, she lives it, and we are fortunate to have a view into her happy, Christ-centered life. Her blog is truly an example of what St. Francis said, "preach always, use words when necessary".
Congratulations, ladies! Now you display your award, and nominate five other bloggers who have inspired you.


Lori said...

Thank you so much, Leticia! You most certainly brightened and blessed my day! God Bless.

Jean Heimann said...

Leticia, I am honored by your kind words and praise. Thank you so much! You certainly made my day.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Leticia, I should start a blog solely for the purpose of thanking you for your frequent nice comments!

Anita Moore said...

Thank you, Letitia!