Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Difficult Diagnosis

This New York Times video on Down Syndrome grates on me like nails on a blackboard, because of the couple's description of information from parents of children with Down Syndrome being naive and rosy-colored. I think I share some of the difficulties of raising Christina here, but I suspect they haven't read Cause of Our Joy. See the video and tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

Leticia, I think they are just being true to the cynicism of that generation - they don't tolerate much that they perceive as "agenda-laden" or that in any way steam-rolls their concerns.

I can see why their comment would bother you -- of course, I bet you are right, they probably haven't read your blog. Maybe you should contact them and ask them to send you what they thought was fuzzy/warm/puppy-dog so you can find out who is putting out stuff that is so off-putting.

Leticia said...

I understand the cynicism, after all I live near New York, and I'm surrounded by it. I think it comes from lack of faith, and a feeling of superiority to those whose faith helps them see the good in our special children. Maybe they envy those of us whose faith makes our burdens light. We need to keep praying for them.