Friday, July 27, 2007

A Word from Colleen Hammond

I sent this post to the author of Dressing with Dignity, Colleen Hammond, and here is her response, orginally a comment, but I felt it deserved it's own post so you could access the links.
Colleen Hammond said...
It's great to see modesty back in the news, and the interview I did with Focus on the Family (that Letitia quotes above) earned me a place as a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: What an honor!!! :-)
I've been interviewed these past two weeks by news outlets from all over the world, but what concerns me is that manufacturers are starting to see a 'market for modest clothing' and are producing and selling clothing that they label as 'modest' that aren't decent...even being labeled "hot and modest". I Blogged about it here:
Like Letitia said, shop a bit and select a few outfits before you show your daughters. That's one of the reasons I did my other Blog--to show fashions from the runways of Paris that fit the Vatican Guidelines:
Keep in mind, too, that a woman's real power is in her virtue--obtained and sustained through the grace of God. When we raise our children to be pure, humble, and charitable, the rest of society benefits as well.

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Nadiyya said...

A wonderful post and a very good point! Thanks for sharing!!