Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Birthday Cake

My birthday was simple, since I had an ear infection and stayed home with the family, yet full of love. My parents brought me a delicious Chinese Dinner. Francisco gave me Final Draft, the software program I will use to write my screenplay (more on that project later).
Isabella made me a card, with live flowers on it and a ribbon closure, in which she wrote, "Thanks for having many years teaching us the things we know, and we wish you many more years to come. Happy Birthday, Love, Bella and Christy".She included parts of drawings from Christy inside.
Gaby chose a gorgeous photo card of Wilmington Notch in the Adirondacks, and wrote, "Happy Birthday to a talented woman that is very dear to our hearts. May God give you special graces to carry out your work for Him. Love, Gabbi and Christina". She also gave me the best gift, a Spiritual Bouquet of 5 Hail Marys, 5 Our Fathers, and 10 Rosaries. There at the Camp, where there is daily rosary and mass, she should get a lot of those prayers said, so I'm going to be blessed. I am already blessed, aren't I?


Ebeth said...

Happy Birthday, Leticia!!! Sorry about the ear infection...bummer. But as you know already...what ear infection! The love that is around you is priceless!

Have a wonderful day..

Alice Gunther said...

Happy, happy birthday!!!